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"Susan asked me to hand her a picture of my dog Oliver and when she held the picture she immediately began to feel pain in her right hip and right leg and felt ill in her stomach.  I told her that he had the most pain in this right leg and many, many stomach problems."

"She asked me if he had a traumatic accident at age 4 where he was hit on the head, because she was feeling there was something wrong with his head.  I told her he had been hit by a car at that time and that he also had a brain herniation from his disease."

"She asked if we kissed a lot, that he was telling her we kissed a lot. (His nickname was Kissy for that reason). She said she asked him what made him happy and, he showed her water, he said he loved being by the water.  I told her how we took him to the lake all the time."

"Susan then asked me if I still hear him in the house.  I told her I did.  She said he wants me to know he is there.  He follows me from room to room.  She said he is in the kitchen, next to the fridge...I have a memorial with his ashes on the corner wall directly behind the fridge."

"Then, in the middle of the reading, Susan suddenly said, 'Oliver is telling me if he could come back that he is NOT coming back as a Chihuahua and he is quite adamant about this, it would have to be a larger animal.'  Maureen and I almost fell over.  While I was driving to the appointment, my sister Maureen who rode with me was talking about how she was reading a book that talked about the possibility of animals coming back as another animal, and she had said, 'maybe Oliver will come back as a Chihuahua.'"  

"There is no doubt in my mind that Oliver was there.  And he is happy, pain free, and was ready to leave...I feel like 1000 pounds has been lifted off my shoulders.  I will never get over Oliver and I will forever miss him, but at least I have the peace of knowing that he is okay.  That's all I ever wanted."

Kathy Medina - Londonderry, NH   


"You may wonder why I did not take advantage of the many Animal Mediums here in the Los Angeles area.  I am a skeptic, and I could never fully believe that the Medium wasn't reading the mind of the person.  After reading the testimonials on your website, I knew you were a real Animal Medium."  

"In particular, I was impressed by the testimonial of Cynthia G., North Andover, MA and that by Linda C., New Bern, North Carolina.  Their testimonials convinced me because you told them things that they did not know at the time, and therefore you could not have received this information from their minds."

"I had not really been at peace since my beloved dog Dusty passed away on December 27, 2012.  Today, after your reading, I feel as though I am healing, if not already healed. Thank you!"

P.F. - Camarilla, CA

"Thank You Susan for the comforting and "On Spot" reading you did for me and hubby last night.  It gave us the comfort and closure we needed after losing our Beloved Holly."
"I was wowed when you mentioned that I sang little songs to Holly and that she liked that as that was something I did in private.  Not a single soul ever knew about that except Miss Holly. When you mentioned that you heard "Am I missing something?" my husband later explained to me that this was a phrase he kept saying in Holly's presence because he wondered if there was  anything else to help her get better or comfort her during her illness."
"Those are just a few highlights of the reading, and my husband has told his family that you're the "Real Deal." He's a skeptic so this is quite a compliment from him! Many, Many Thanks and Blessings to you Susan ♥"
Sharon & Kevin Moses – Ford, VA

"I wasn't sure before I went to Susan what I believed in terms of an afterlife.  There were many things she said that were accurate about my dog Penny, but there was one thing in particular that made me believe without a doubt that she really was connecting with her."
"Susan paused for a moment and said, "I don't know why she's showing me a big yellow banana, but she really likes it!  Does that mean anything to you?" Of all the things she could have mentioned that would have made me truly believe it was my dog, that was it.  Before my dog passed, my husband had won a big stuffed yellow banana at a fair.   We brought it home and Penny really loved it.  She cuddled with it all the time, so we kept it on the couch for her. There is no way Susan could have known that."  

"I recommend Susan to anyone who is hoping to connect with a loved one who has passed on.  She was truly welcoming and compassionate and it's easy to see why she's been given this unique gift as a medium." 
Kristen Sullivan - North Andover, MA

"I was told by Susan Deren to bring only a photo of my bunny and to tell her his name.  I did what she asked, telling her no more that that.  She said some things that she couldn't have known without me telling her.  She said she felt his energy in the kitchen and living room, but no where else in the house, and not upstairs.  She would have no way of knowing, but Mr. Dutchy's cage was in the kitchen, then when he got sick, we moved him into the living room, and we never let him upstairs." 
"She talked about him having a difficult time breathing at one point in his life but, she said it was earlier, not at the end.  Again, how would she have known that 4 or 5 years ago, he was so overweight that I took him to the doctors and after an x-ray, the doctor told me that his fat bunny tummy was pushing on his lungs and that he needed to lose weight."
"It was a great experience, and I left there feeling at peace.  Of course I still miss him terribly, but I feel comforted now and I know his spirit is still around me.  Thank you Susan!" 
Carrie Bloom - Leominster, MA

" I spoke with Susan after my beloved horse died.  She told me she had a message for me.  She said, " Your horse will come back to you some day, but he'll come back as a Bay."  What she said totally stunned me, but at the same time gave me such comfort." 

"You see, as I was walking my horse out into the pasture for what would be the last time, my last words to him were, "Please come back to me, but come back as a Bay."
Jennifer B - Chester, NH


"My dog, “Mr. Bob,” passed on May 29, 2010. I questioned whether I had done the right thing by euthanizing him, even though we had been told he had pancreatic cancer.  I was heartbroken, angry, and confused.  I kept wondering if I should have let him pass naturally.  Was this the right time for him to leave?"  

"I spoke with Susan on June 9th.  She picked up right away on the cancer and its massive size.  She felt that he would have passed within a few days if I had decided not to euthanize him, but those days would have been extremely painful for him.  Susan’s reading gave me peace with both his passing and my decision to help him out of his pain."

Becky Schimp  - Manchester, NH

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