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Animal Readings - Client Reviews

"Susan Deren has looked at an animal and given me information about its physical condition that took x-rays and other extensive testing procedures to diagnose.  Her abilities are such a gift! " 

Dr. Susan DeNault, DVM  -  Stratham, NH


"I contacted Susan Deren because my dog Tasha, was extremely lethargic and depressed.  Without seeing my dog and having only her name, Susan told me that she has severe arthritis in her hip and leg, and recommended that I taker her to a veterinarian."

"After our vet took x-rays and checked Tasha, they came up with the same diagnosis.  We were amazed, thank you."

Maureen Bergeron - Groveland, MA


"Hi Susan, I don't know if you remember us, but you gave me a reading for my dog Murphy over the phone in October of 2008."

"I rescued Murphy and he was a train wreck.  You told me how to help him and gave me some great advice.  Fast forward 1 year later... I have the sweetest, best boy on the planet.  Anyway here are a couple of px from last weekend. he is awesome now!"

Patrice O'Connor - Plymouth, MA


"Susan literally saved our dog's life!  Maggie, our 6 year old Black Lab was diagnosed with cancer and was down to 38 lbs.  We were told by our vet and a vet specialist that she has a short time to live.  During a phone reading with Susan Deren, she said she didn't believe that it was cancer and felt that she was severely lacking in nutrition and suggested a raw diet.  We put her on a raw diet the next day and within a month she gained almost 10 lbs."

"Since she was gaining her weight back, we decided to get a third opinion.  The new vet immediately found that Maggie's pancreas wasn't producing the enzymes to allow her to take in needed nutrition.  Maggie didn't have cancer, she was starving to death. She now gets pancreatic enzymes added to each meal and is a healthy and happy 80 lb girl."

"Words cannot express how grateful we are for Susan's amazing gift and compassion for animals.  Thank you Susan!"

Pam, Ty and Maggie Farris - Marlborough, CT


"Hi Susan, I wanted to give you some feedback on the phone reading you gave me on my horse Nez.  I was having a problem with him pawing the ground and banging his head against the door to his stall.  He has been quite agitated."

"During his reading, you told me that I needed to move his hay to the back right corner of his stall.  You said he doesn't like facing forward while eating.  I moved his hay that night.  I am amazed at his reaction!  He immediately became quite and just eats.  No more noise, agitation, or banging.  He loves it there!"

"I am so glad that you record sessions.  You gave me so much information that has been invaluable with my horse, and listening to the recording is really helpful.  Your insight and knowledge of him has been incredibly accurate.  Now I have a great relationship with my horse, because of you."

Thanks again, Denise Andre - Coventry, RI


"My cat Molly has diabetes and giving her injections was a nightmare for her and us.  Susan communicated with Molly relating to her the importance of taking her medicine and how it would make her healthier and  happy."

"Now when she needs her "happy medicine" as Susan referes to it, we call Molly and she actually comes to us and doesn't run away or fight with us anymore."

"We would highly recommend Susan to anyone. She is an inspiration to all who meet her.  I believe that Susan is a gift from God..."

Kathy Chichester - Methuen, MA


"I called Susan because my cat Red was constantly pawing at his mouth.  During Red's phone reading, Susan told me that he was having pain in a back tooth.  She said she felt that it was pretty bad and that it needed to be pulled... she thought it was infected, and recommended an immediate trip to the vet's."

"My veterinarian looked at the tooth and said it was abcessed. She pulled it out and Red is just great now!"

Jane Carolan - Newburyport, MA


"My friend and I attended your animal event at Winnekenni Castle in November.  You immediately were drawn to me and started talking about my newest dog.  You described him in such detail, and what amazed us was the fact that he wasn't there with us, and you had no picture of him.  I told you nothing about him."

"Well you gave me very specific things to do to make him happy and to stop destroying our furniture.  I took your recommendations very seriously.  We all started doing exactly what you told me to do.  Well as of today, he hasn't destroyed anything.  He is so happy and amazing."

"My husband and family are still in shock!  They thought he was a hopeless case and we'd have to give him up.  We're not... we just love the little guy and he is now a happy member of our family. Thank you so much Susan."

Nancy & Bill Dawson - South Hampton, NH


"Hello Susan, I had to take my dog Barnum to the vets and I did what you taught us at the animal seminar at Winnekenni Castle in November of 2008."

"I explained to him everything what his vet was going to do to him. I explained that his doctor would need to shave him, and put gel on him to take a picture, and that it wouldn't hurt.  When they wanted him to stop panting, I told him to "just breathe through your nose so they can listen."  There was no struggling... no freaking out... he was as good as gold."

"Susan even my Dad who was with me, commented on how calm he was.  Thank you so much."

Karen Conroy - Walpole, MA


"During a reading for my horse, you brought to my attention that my mindset going into show season changed drastically from practice time. I had no idea how negatively this was affecting my horse."

"I started using the visualization exercises that you gave me.  To my amazement, we went from 8th place to 2nd place.  On behalf of me and my horse, Thank you."

Jeffrey Clayton - Hampton, NH


"Because of the amazing results her friend had with Animal Communicator Susan Deren, my trainer recommended that we have a session with her for our horse Dixie.  I contacted Susan for a phone consultation.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but was quickly impressed by what she had to say."

"She told me things about Dixie and even my daughter, that astounded me.  She said an old injury was bothering Dixie again.  
Everyone kept telling me that the problem was "between Dixie's ears" and she just didn't want to do what was asked of her.  Susan said that she wanted to please us and wasn't trying to be bad, but was in pain and suggested to bring the vet out and have her re-checked." 

"The vet agreed that she was having physical issues, and started treatment.  She is now no longer misbehaving under saddle.  
Without Susan's insight, Dixie would have been sent to a "cowboy" trainer for an attitude adjustment.  This would have made everything so much worse!  
Susan has helped me to trust my feelings and instincts with Dixie."
"I very much appreciate her insight and help.  I don’t think Dixie would be recovering so nicely without it." 
Susan Kirkland - Willard, MO


"In June of 2006, I decided to purchase a three year old Appaloosa gelding with NO training.  By using Susan’s visualization techniques, I've been able to break Apache to saddle myself.  Through this process, I have also been able to overcome MY own fears under saddle."  
"By following Susan's instructions, I really understand my horse's view of things now.  It was so easy. I believe h
er interest is in the well being of her clients – the horse.  Susan has an ability to understand horses on a different level. She can help you find a balance and synergy with your horse that most people only dream about."  

"By the way, all of the readings she has done for my horse, have been by telephone."
Dawn M. Bradshaw  - Ellington, CT 


"For many years my Himilayan cat Mineau had a problem with her eye.  The veterinarians couldn't tell me what was wrong with it. All we knew was that her eye was white & cloudy when it was supposed to be blue.  They gave me medications and eye drops at various times in order to heal her eye heal.  None of these things helped even a little bit."

"During my phone reading with Susan, she suggested that I incorporate raw, organic chicken into her diet.  She stressed the importance of "natural" food for my cat, as she is a carnivore. She used the analogy, "How many cats do you see by  the side of the road with a habachi cooking up their food?"  They very naturally will eat whole mice, birds, insects, and vegetation.  Susan felt that raw organic chicken would promote healing of her eye.  She said the tears in the eye are full of protein.  Most animals just don't get enough protein from processed food."

"I took her recommendation and began feeding her the chicken. Within two months of giving her the raw organic chicken, her eye totally cleared up and the whiteness never came back.  She now is able to see perfectly, and has her two beautiful blue eyes back. I have also started giving it to my 4 dogs too.  They love it!  I believe that it keeps them ALL happy and healthy.  Susan is amazing!"

"I  would recommend her to anyone seeking guidance with their beloved animals!"

Laurie D - Londonderry, NH


"Hello Susan, We really enjoyed your event at the Castle on November 8, 2008.  Have to share a couple of things with you."

"First, a couple of days after the event ,Jon and I were talking about how you said to visualize the positive things that you want your pet to do.  Emmitt (our big 16 lb cat) was in the hall and he needed to have his claws clipped.  Whenever we do that, we have to put a muzzle on him and I practically have to sit on him while Jon quickly trims his claws.  I told Jon we should try it your way."

"I told Emmit that we needed to trim his claws and that even though he didn't like it, we had to do it so he wouldn't get them stuck in the scratching post and hurt himself.  I picked him up, put him on top of a towel on our bathroom vanity and Jon was able to trim all of the claws on one foot (he's got huge double paws.)  He didn't pull away or try to bite us.  I could tell that he was starting to  get nervous toward the end so I told him that one paw was enough for now and that we'd do the other paw the next day.  We did the same exact things the following day and it worked again. Amazing!"

So, thank you so much for sharing your gift with us.  You're a very special person Susan."

Gerri Sterns - East Freetown, MA


"I forgot to mention in my last email that Curtis has been consistently using the litter box since we had that call with you on  October 12.  It will be 2 full months tomorrow!  You really connect with Curtin during the calls.  There's no other explanaition.  He's doing so well and is very happy (as are we).  Thank you so much!"


"Back in May of 2002 Susan Deren came to my house to give psychic readings to me and my friends.  As she was walking through my living room she looked down at my English Sheepdog Abigail and said to me, "Do you know that your dog is almost blind?  On a scale of 1 to 100, she has lost about 97% of her vision.  I could be wrong, but I just don't feel that there is anything that can be done to correct it."

"Susan mentioned that I should consider taking her to an opthamologist.  I was shocked that she said this to me, as I didn't have her there for my dog."

"I brought Abigail to opthamologist Dr. Allan Bacharache and he told me that Abby was almost completely blind and there wasn't anything we could do for her, although he did give me a book on living with blind dogs.  I was speachless... Having Susan tell me this has helped me to understand why Abigail was acting so bazarre.  It has made both of our lives better."

"Thanks Susan!"   Phyllis Longo - Methuen, MA


"On December 14, 2008 I had a reading with Susan.  I needed her help with one of my dog's who was being very destructive whenever I'd leave the house.  Susan gave me some very specific things to do to change that behavior."

"So after their reading, I left the house around 2:00 pm and returned at 8:00 pm.  Before I went out, I spoke to the dogs and assured them I'd be back soon,  and told them to "rest in your beds."  Usually I have to block off rooms and furniture with barricades as one if them will destroy things."

"I did not put up any barricades as a test.  When I returned, I found them at the door wagging their tails.  Not a thing was out of order. Thanks again..."

Bev McEvoy - Rockland, MA


"I met Susan Deren one day in June of 2005.  I introduced her to my pregnant Huskie and asked her how many puppies she thought my dog would have.  She told me that my dog was carrying 5 puppies but that one might not make it.  I told Susan that we had an untrasound that showed only 4 puppies, so we thought she was wrong."

"On June 25th, I called Susan to tell her that my dog had 4 wonderful puppies and low and behold, there was a 5th one that died.  The next time my dog is pregnant, I'm calling Susan first. We were amazed!"

David Harsch - Seasand Samoyed's - Mashpee, MA


"Hi Susan,  It was so good to talk to you.  You'd be amazed at the changes happening so quickly with my cats.  Bessie understands what I want of her and she is already so different.  Her behavior continues to shift positively.   Edward is calming down more & more each day.  It's just amazing!  By the way, thanks for reminding me to trust my own intuition."

"And Susan, thanks for letting the message from my grandmother come through.  That really meant so much to me. Take care."

Isabelle R - South Hampton, NY


"Your recording arrived in the mail today and I just finished listening to it.  When Craig gets home I'm going to play it again. Everything you said was so accurate it was - I'd say scary - but it wasn't - impressive would be more the word."

"Side note:  Since your reading, my cat Marvin has been a lot happier.  He's been out of his room more and has been playing games again.  Coincidence?  I don't think so."

Maureen Bland - Weare, NH


"I just wanted to let you know that your "Intuitive Reading" of our dog was so helpful to our entire family.  Because of the recommendations that you made, we noticed a difference in Jake almost immediately.  He is playing ball again and chasing squirrels like he did when he was a puppy, and we can tell he feels so much better both physically and emotionally."

"Our entire family has been working with him and he is responding with affection to us all.  We seem to have our old dog back!  I want to say "thank you" for all your help and say that you are truly blessed with a wonderful gift.  And by the way, it is incredible that you can do this without even being with the animal, thank you."

Leanne, Mark, and Stephanie Sotir


"As usual, you were correct about my dog Choppers.  During my phone reading, you stated that Chops had a pain on the right side of his head and I was to look into the problem ASAP.   He had complete blood work and a physical, but the Vet couldn't find anything wrong with him.  I took him to the Vet again yesterday as Choppers was not himself, but I knew something was wrong with him."

"After examining him again, they told me that Choppers has a disk problem in the neck area and that is why he has not been himself.  He is to have complete rest for six to eight weeks and is now on medication to help his condition.  Susan, you have been blessed, by God, with a wonderful gift and I  pray that you will continue using it with pets as well as people."

Fondly, Rita Diette - Dedham, MA


"Hi Susan, I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me on the phone.  I also wanted to let you know about my horse Buddy.  Since you connected with him that night, things have been much different.  He is so much calmer and more content. He is turned out in the paddock with Montana now and they are both so happy.  Buddy no longer paws the ground like he used to. He is even calm when the other horse goes out on the trails without him."

"The morning after our reading, I looked into Buddy's eyes, and for the first time I saw a connection.  We really understand each other.  The information that you gave me about his background has helped me to understand him so much better.  Thank you again for your insights..."

Tracey D - Vail, CO


"Hi Susan, I wanted to let you know how I am doing with my horse Rio.  I talked to you last year a couple of times by phone.  You gave me some suggestions on how to work with him, specifically one being that I had to let him know if he would be with me or I was going to send him away. He wasn't going to commit to me unless I was definate about him." 

"I guess I did the right thing, because Rio and I are doing great!  I think he has turned a corner. He seems happier and more comfortable with me. I think we are both more clear about what we want and are communicating that with each other. 
I just started riding him again after a couple of months of ground work, and he has been very well behaved." 

"Thank you so much for your help with him."
  Lesli R - Nashua, NH


"On May 13th Susan performed an animal reading on my horse Pete.  She told me that he was ready and excited to hit the show ring.  Please let her know that Pete was Reserve Champion Amateur Pleasure Horse at the Connecticut Morgan Horse Show over the weekend.  He was excited and performed beyond my expectations!"

Thanks, Elizabeth Webb - Bellewether - Judy Nason Stables - Ashby, MA

Client Reviews help others understand how Susan Deren's services can assist them.  We welcome your comments and feedback!