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How does Susan "read" my animal by phone?   
Doesn't she need to be with the animal for a 

Regarding that question, "intuitive abilities" are not governed by 
what we see with our physical eyes.  For example, have you ever 
had a gut feeling about a person or situation before you ever 
encountered either that turned out to be right?  That is intuition.  

Susan's intuitive abilities are extremely heightened, enabling 
her to gather far more information than just a gut feeling from 
both animals and people, regardless of whether or not she 
physically sees them.  Please view the many testimonials on 
this web site.  You will see that with both psychic and animal 
readings, many of these readings were by telephone. 

Is All That Susan Needs For A Reading

Phone Animal Reading Testimonials

"Susan literally saved our dog's life!  Maggie, our 6 year old 
Black Lab was diagnosed with cancer and was down to 38 lbs.  
We were told by our vet and a vet specialist that she had 
a short time to live.  During a phone reading with Susan Deren, 
she said she didn't believe it was cancer and felt that she 
was severly lacking in nutrition and suggested a raw diet.  
We put her on a raw diet the next day and within a month she 
gained almost 10 lbs." 

"Since she was gaining her weight back, we decided to get a 
3rd opinion.  The new vet immediately found that 
Maggie's pancreas wasn't producing the enzymes to allow 
her to take in needed nutrition.  Maggie didn't have cancer, 
she was starving to death.  She now gets pancreatic 
enzymes added to each meal and is a healthy and 
happy 80 lb girl!"

"Words cannot express how grateful we are for Susan's 
amazing gift and compassion for animals. Thank you!"

Pam, Ty and Maggie Farris  (Marlborough, CT)


"I called Susan because my cat Red was constantly pawing 
at his mouth.  During Red's phone reading,  Susan told me 
that he was having pain in a back tooth.  She said she felt that 
it was pretty bad and that it needed to be pulled... she thought 
it was infected, and recommended an immediate 
trip to the vet's."  

"My veterinarian looked at the tooth and said it was abcessed.  
She pulled it out and Red is just great now!"

Jane Carolan - Newburyport, MA   


"I just wanted to let you know your "Intuitive Reading" of our 
dog was so helpful to our entire family. Because of the 
recommendations that you made, we noticed a difference in 
Jake almost immediately.  He is playing ball again and chasing 
squirrels like he did when he was a puppy, and we can tell he 
so much better both physically and emotionally."

"Our entire family has been working with him and he is 
responding with affection to us all. We seem to have our 
ld dog back! I want to say "thank you" for all your help and 
say you are truly blessed with a wonderful gift.  And by the 
way, it is incredible that you can do this without even being 
with the animal!"   

Mark, Leanne, and Stephanie Sotir.  


"Dear Susan,
  Dan and I want to thank you for the awesome 
communication with our animals last Wednesday.  You truly 
amazed us and brought tears to our eyes when Mack arrived 

"We feel we have learned so much about Lucy and it explains 
her odd behavior.  We have implemented your suggestions
about our dog Shadow.  We had to lock her up for 10 minutes 
once, and then the next night she was respectful to my cats.  
Worked miraculously!  I would highly recommend you to
my friends.  I've already told so many people about you."

"Thanks again for everything..."  Laura & Dan H. Tampa, Fl.


Because of the amazing results her friend had with Animal 
Communicator Susan Deren, my trainer recommended that we 
have a session with her for our horse Dixie.  I contacted 
Susan for a phone consultation.  I really wasn’t sure what to 
expect, but was quickly impressed by what she had to say.

She told me things about Dixie and even my daughter, that 
astounded me.  She said an old injury was bothering Dixie again.  
Everyone kept telling me that the problem was "between 
Dixie's ears" and she just didn't want to do what was asked 
of her.  Susan said that she wanted to please us and wasn't 
trying to be bad, but was in pain and suggested to bring 
the vet out and have her rechecked. 

The vet agreed that she was having physical issues, and 
started treatment.  She is now no longer misbehaving under 
saddle.  Without Susan's insight, Dixie would have been 
sent to a "cowboy" trainer for an attitude adjustment.  
This would have made everything so much worse!

I received the CD recording of our reading, and our family 
listened to it.  I had taken lots of notes during the call, 
but there was so much that I missed.  Susan has helped me 
to trust my feelings and instincts with Dixie.  I very much 
appreciate her insight and help.  I don’t think Dixie 
would be recovering so nicely without it.  

Susan Kirkland - Willard, Missouri