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"In October of 1988, my husband died tragically in an auto accident leaving me with our 10 month old son.  Over the years, I have longed to have one last conversation with him hoping to provide some closure for me to move on.   Then, in 2010, I heard about Susan Deren.  I was open to the idea of visiting a "psychic" as I had done this for "fun" in the past with my girlfriends."

"Susan’s reading was much different.  I had never met her before but as I sat in her kitchen for the reading, she began to feel pain in her chest and knees and head. She described my husband’s exact injuries in the accident.   She knew things no one could EVER know unless they knew me.  She knew details.  I was comforted.  I felt my husband was there with me.  She said he never leaves our son Christopher’s side." 

"I am remarried now with two additional boys.  Scott will always remain in my heart and when I feel the need to connect, I visit Susan Deren who ALWAYS brings me comfort regarding my husband, my grandmother and others who have passed. She is like no other.  Susan is real.  I am thankful to have found her."

Suzanne Morrison  -  Danvers, MA


"I lost my sister Ruth Ann to cancer at the young age of 36.  She meant the world to me as she wasn't just my big sister, but a mother figure as well.  I miss both her company and guidance."  

"Then one day I met Susan Deren.  During my reading with Susan, my sister came in. Susan described her as "The Hippy Chick."  She gave me such a vivid description, along with Ruth Ann's personality, attitude, not to mention the clothing she was wearing.  I sat there with my mouth hanging open.  Susan had described to perfection my favorite picture of Ruth Ann, a photo that I keep in my wallet." 

"The messages Susan delivered from my sister were real--I knew that from the details that only my sister and I would know.  These messages helped me heal from such a loss, and they taught me that my sister really is around me, watching and trying to help me on my path." 

"Susan is the real deal and I feel fortunate to have met her.  She has a gift and uses it to help people."

Jean MacDougall-Tattan  -  Merrimac, MA


"During a phone reading with Susan Deren, my father who had passed over came through to speak to me.   He asked me to give a message to my mother.  He wanted her to stop feeling guilty for the car accident they were in... that it wasn't her fault... it was just an accident.  She needed to let this go and be at peace.  I gave this message to my mother, but she denied feeling guilty."  

"About a month later, I received a call from her physician who told me during a conversation with my Mom, she started crying and told him she felt so guilty for her husbands death.  My Dad was right.  Because of that message, she is finally dealing with her grief.  She is getting better."

"Thank you Susan for that message.  It has given me faith to know and believe that we really do live on." 
Cheryl G - Boston, MA


" Hi Susan,  I just wanted you to know that you were right about a lot of information that you gave me.  My mother was actually amazed at how accurate the information was.  So descriptive and clear...  I've never had a reading like that.  I'm so glad I went to see you."

"I really believed that you connected me with my husband.  Since he died, I have felt so lost.  What you told me about him was true.  The words that you used were his, even the tone in your voice.  I know I was speaking to him.  There is no doubt in my mind.  I just wanted you to know this.  Thanks for giving me peace. "   

Karen G - Marlboro, MA


"I was at Winnekenni Castle for your medium event on November 8th, 2009.  I had never done anything like this before.  To my surprise, my parents came through.  I never thought that I could have such a feeling of peace inside.  I don't know what to say, except thank you so much Susan." 

Kevin S - Marlblehead, MA

"Susan, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for Friday evening. Courtney now has closure with her Grandfathers death, and she knows that he is still around her every day.  I appreciate the warmth and understanding that you showed to her, as she has had a very difficult year."

"As we were driving home we were both amazed with the details that you connected with.  What an astonishing gift you have!"

Paula Tobin - Lebanon, NH

"My dog, “Mr. Bob,” passed on May 29, 2010. I questioned whether I had done the right thing by euthanizing him, even though we had been told he had pancreatic cancer.  I was heartbroken, angry, and confused.  I kept wondered if I should have let him pass naturally.  Was this the right time for him to leave?" 

"I spoke with Susan on June 9th.  She picked up right away on the cancer and its massive size.  She felt that he would have passed within a few days if I had decided not to euthanize him, but those days would have been extremely painful for him.  Susan’s reading gave me peace with both his passing and my decision to help him out of his pain."

Becky Schimp  - Manchester, NH


"Hi Susan,  I was in the audience Saturday night at Winnekenni Castle. I just want to tell you what a
sense of peace I had when I left there.  My sister invited me to go with her Saturday night and I'm so very glad I did. We had relatives that came through to speak to us." 

"I believe in the after life, but I never thought I would experience a visit from a relative who had left this earth.  I especially was thrilled to know that they still live among us and when we speak to them, they do hear us.  Just knowing that when it is our time to leave, they will be waiting for us, is comforting.  Thank You for a wonderful experience!"

Donna Zakiewicz  -  Berwick, ME


"Susan was performing readings for my friends and I at a house party in my home.  I was the last one to have my reading, and as I sat down with Susan, I noticed that she kept staring to my left side towards the floor.  I asked her what she was staring at. She told me this..."

"You have the most beautiful golden retriever sitting next to you.  He is looking up at you in such a loving way.  He wants you to know that he'll always be with you."   I have to say I was shocked at what she told me.  There were no pictues of my dog anywhere and I never spoke about him, so I wondered how she could know."

"You see my dog Jeffrey had died about 6 years ago, and I had been thinking about him alot lately.  I've been feeling lonely and was really missing my best friend.  I'm so happy to know he is still with me.  Thank you Susan."

Jess McGee - Nashua, NH


"Dear Susan, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my reading with you.  But I'm writing because you told me about a grandmother "in spirit" around me.  You asked me if I knew that she was a Native American, and that she had a healing ability.  I told you I didn't believe so... I was wrong." 

"Well when I got home, I spoke to an aunt who told me that my grandmother was a Mic Mac Indian and helped heal people.  I was really surprised at receiving this nformation.  Just wanted to let you know you were right. Thank you so much for such an insightful reading." 

Linda C - New Bern,  NC


"In the fall of 2004, I took Susan Deren’s animal communication class at Northern Essex Community College.  I really enjoyed it. Susan was both very informative and enlightening."

"But, what happened next I will never forget. As I was leaving the class, Susan touched my arm and said, “The little brother that you lost is with you always. Think of him as your Guardian Angel.”  I told her that she was wrong, and that I had never lost a brother."  

"Well, m
y parents were on a cruise at the time, but I called them anyway.  I told my Dad about my conversation with Susan, and how I thought she was a very nice lady, but crazy.  
My father got quiet and then said to me, “Cynthia, your mother and I did lose a little boy.  He only lived a short time.”  I asked him why they didn’t tell us.  Dad said, “It was before your time.  We just never talked about it.” 

I was speechless.  The wonderful thing about this happening to me and my family, is that it made us talk to each other...  about everything.  We all cried, and laughed, but now we are so much closer.  Susan, we just can't thank you enough..."

Cynthia G - North Andover, MA

"Dear Susan, I want to thank you for a reading that you did for my daughter Allison on January 2, 2001.  It was a very accurate reading and her father came through very strong.  I know it was no coincidence that she was directed to you.  Her father's death was devastating for her.  It was so sudden, and she has had no closure with his passing.  Because of her reading with you, she has begun to find peace...  For this I am grateful."

"Since her reading, I can see a lightness in her that was missing for such a long time.  She is smiling again...  Thank you for giving my beautiful daughter back to me."

Diane D - West Newbury, MA 


" The day I met Susan Deren is one I'll never forget. My father died tragically and my sisters and I had no closure.  We always wondered why he would take his life.  Susan helped us understand why.  She told me things she could not have known."

"I felt a calmness and peace I haven't felt since Dad passed.  Susan had no idea the impact she made on our lives with the messages from him. "


" I spoke with Susan after my beloved horse died.  She told me she had a message for me.  She said, " Your horse will come back to you some day, but he'll come back as a Bay."  What she said totally stunned me, but at the same time gave me such comfort." 

"You see, as I was walking my horse out into the pasture for what would be the last time, my last words to him were, "Please come back to me, but come back as a Bay."
Jennifer B - Chester, NH

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